the person that carries the load; they make sure everything you need is where you need it, when you need it


guide /gīd/:

the person that shows you the way, points out landmarks and dangers along your journey


Your Team

We believe greatness is achieved by a team
We want to get to know you
Schedule a time to stop in and meet us

Brad Bishop

Financial Advisor

How I can help: Estate, Tax, Retirement, Business and Special Needs Planning

Mike Kern

Financial Advisor

How I can help: Cash flow analysis, retirement planning, goal planning

Jimmy Kustra

Operations Specialist

How I can help: Account Opening, Distributions, Beneficiary Updates

Suzanne Randall

Office Manager

How I can help: Scheduling, account information updates, contact updates, and basically anything else that you may need

Austin Seibert

Advisor Support Specialist

How I Can Help: Account Maintenance, Distribution Requests

Kyle Heuchert

Advisor Support Specialist

How I Can Help: Account Maintenance, Distribution Requests

Your Retirement Plan

Our job is to build a retirement plan you understand and feel confident in

Our plans are overbuilt to prepare for the unexpected

Our goal is a retirement that you can enjoy

Your Investments

We believe in a tailored 3 bucket investment plan:

Bucket 1:

2 years of expenses protected from market declines

Bucket 2:

Conservative investments to weather a long downturn

Bucket 3:

Investment focused on long-term growth throughout retirement

Investment Process

Gather data on over 27,000 mutual funds, 700 strategy managers and 900+ alternative investments

Put each investment through a 139 point inspection.  Filtering investments to our strict list of 40 investments

Further inspection through research, quarterly calls, and interviews to ensure each investment continues to meet our strict standards

We build an investment portfolio made up of 3 buckets that fit your risk tolerance and your time horizon